Multi-activity scheduling

Smart scheduler
Data insights

Start saving time now

With our multi-activity scheduling software you can manage your time slots and capacity by automatically scheduling multi-activity deals.

What’s more? Set up your inventory and business rules, manage your bookings and client details and learn from your data to get better results.


Run your daily operations

With Briq’s intuitive planboard your employees can easily manage your schedule, time slots and capacity.

In one overview you know your schedule for today and easily edit and act on all your bookings.

You can also add offline bookings here!

Smart scheduler

Better planning

Our smart scheduler automatically optimizes your days, boosts off-peak hours and time slots based on your own business rules.

When your guests book their activities, Briq’s smart scheduler pushes the time slots that are best for your planning.

No more manual planning needed.


Set up your inventory only once

Our Customer Success Team helps you set up your inventory to maximize your venue management.

Your business rules, break times, time slots, and more – our smart scheduler takes into account everything.

Now your guests can create their own personalized experiences.

Customer relationship management

Your guests details in one place

With your guests details there’s no more hassle at the check-in.

And… knowing who your guests are, you’ll be able to enhance your guest experience and offer better deals.

You can trust that your customer data is safe with Briq. 

Data insights

Real-time reports to know how you perform

Your insights about your daily performance, sales and marketing tell you how you’re performing and what you can improve.

Read our free ebook to know how to get more bookings with data.

Start with Briq now

Are you looking to be more customer focused, data-driven, save time on bookings, significantly increase your average order value and offer the best multi-activity days out?

Start with Briq’s multi-activity booking and scheduling software.

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